Our Philosophy


Central to all that we do is the formation of strong, respectful relationships amongst children, families, educators, the environment and community.


We believe:

  • children are unique, capable and resourceful
  • children should experience the joy of childhood
  • when children feel safe, valued and supported they will be more confident, successful learners
  • in providing an equitable and inclusive learning environment where all children will be supported to achieve their maximum potential


We believe:

  • in creating partnerships with families built on respect
  • in sharing meaningful information with families about their children’s learning

Staff /Educators

We believe:

  • the staff/educators at Pambula Preschool are a valuable asset, each providing unique skills and resources.
  • our educators are enthusiastic and genuinely care for and respect all children and
  • our educators will continually engage in learning, sharing information and reflective practice.
  • in valuing the diversity of families


We believe:

  • children learn through play
  • all experiences occurring throughout the day are opportunities for children to learn
  • in creating engaging and stimulating learning environments that are responsive to children’s interests and abilities
  • planning for learning should focus on the ‘here and now’ as well as setting a foundation for future success in life and learning.


We believe:

  • the diversity within our local community and wider community should be acknowledged and respected
  • children’s learning and wellbeing is enhanced when we collaborate with supporting organisations.


We believe:

  • in promoting sustainable practices
  • in connecting children to their environment and developing their respect and responsibility
  • in promoting respect and appreciation for our environment, both natural and constructed
  • in ensuring a safe environment for all